How to Clean Dog's Ear's

Taking care of your dog plays a significant role in keeping it healthy for a long time. Although most dog owners try as much as possible to do so, the dog ears are mostly left untouched.  Dog ears, especially floppy ones are highly susceptible to the trapping debris, parasites, yeast and bacteria. As a result, a dog may suffer from certain health issues and ear infections. This is why it is extremely imperative that you learn how to clean dog ears.

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How to Clean Dog Ears

Cleaning your dog's ears at home is easy, especially if you know what to do.  If you are not well-versed with this important skill, here are some vital tips to take you through the cleaning process.

• Get your Cleaning Supplies Ready

To begin with, make sure that you have various items such as a trusted ear cleaning solution, cotton (avoid cotton swabs) and gloves. After you have everything you need, you can now begin.

• Begin

Call your canine friend to the preferred cleaning area and give it a treat to keep it calm. Make sure that you start cleaning the outside part of the ear as you work your way inside.  If you notice any sign of swelling, redness, discharge or odor, visit a veterinarian since such indications could mean the possibility of an ear infection.

• Use the Cleaning Solution

Wet your cotton ball using the cleaning solution and use it to wipe the inside part of the ear. If your dog has dirty ears, the process may take a considerable amount of cotton balls. Bear in mind that you should only drench the ears with a cleaning solution if a veterinarian recommends it.

• Let the Dog Clear the Ears

Expect the dog to shake its head after you have drenched or cleaned the ears. You can use the remaining cotton balls to clean the ears after the dog stops shaking the head.

Why is it important to Clean a Dog's Ears.

• Prevention of Infections

Learning how to clean dog ears helps to protect your dog from ear infections.  Ear infections can cause a lot of pain and even lead to deafness. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of infection-causing elements such as yeast.

• Dog's Ear Anatomy

Since dog ears are moist and warm, they are potential breeding areas for yeast, parasites and bacteria.  In fact, the ear canal forms an L shape, which makes it hard for debris to get out. Hence, regular cleaning helps to get rid of such bacteria and debris.

• Prevention of Deafness

Wax buildup can cause a dog to experience partial or full deafness. This happens mainly for breeds with narrow dog ear canals. The easiest way to prevent wax buildup is through routine ear cleaning.

Before embarking on cleaning your dog's ears, you need to consult a veterinarian first. He or she can give you more helpful tips on how to clean dog ears in a safer and recommended manner.